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Since 2007, the Colorado LGBT Bar Association has evaluated and interviewed nominees for judicial vacancies across the State of Colorado and provided input to the Governor's Office to aid in the selection of Colorado's judges. The Judicial Endorsement Committee of the Colorado LGBT Bar Association evaluates and interviews judicial nominee on behalf of the Bar Association's membership.

The Committee conducts its evaluation process for all nominees for the Colorado Supreme Court, the Colorado Court of Appeals, and the district courts in every judicial district. As time and resources permit, nominees for county courts are considered for the LGBT Bar Association’s input and endorsement.

Short-list nominees are invited to participate in our evaluation process. Nearly all the nominees contacted by the Committee have been willing to go through our evaluation process and many actively seek our endorsement. The Committee evaluates the information provided in the nominees’ applications, confers with their references within the LGBT community, considers input from our membership, and holds a 30-minute teleconference with each individual nominee. Nominees are evaluated based on their qualifications to be a judge and their familiarity with, and sensitivity to, legal issues that affect the LGBT community.

The nominees who have gone through this process have commented about how fair and informative it has been. Some have remarked how it was helpful to understand the LGBT legal issues that may come before them. The Governor’s Office has also informed the Committee that it finds the LGBT Bar Association’s input helpful.


If you are a finalist for a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, or any district court, please contact the Judicial Endorsements Committee Chair to arrange an interview. The interviews generally occur in the first few days immediately following the announcement of the short-list nominees, because the Governor asks for feedback before his Office interviews the candidates.

Volunteers are always needed to serve on subcommittees that evaluate nominees for a particular vacancy. If you are interested in serving on one of these subcommittees, please contact the Judicial Endorsements Committee Chair.